martes, 6 de marzo de 2012

Dentalium vulgare

Dentalium vulgare



Dende o Mar do Norte ata o Mediterráneo

Enterrado verticalmente en fondos fangosos e areosos, có extremo máis fino libre polo que entra e sae a auga

18th century European use

In pre-modern medicine, these shells were considered an excellent alkali, and apothecaries would pulverize them for use in several preparations. The shell used for this purpose was described by Joseph Pitton de Tournefort in London in the 18th century as being "of a tubular, or conical form, about 3 inches long; of a shining, greenish white; hollow; light, and divided lengthwise by parallel lines, running from top to bottom. It is about the thickness of a feather, and bears some resemblance to a canine tooth." However, it was considered at that time to be very rare, and in lieu of that, another shell was usually substituted

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